Official name: Kyrgyz Republic

Area: 199,951 km2

Population: 5,895,100 (2015 estimate)

Capital: Bishkek

Official language: Kirgiz (national), Russian (official)

Government: Unitary parliamentary republic

President: Sooronbay Jeenbekov

Religion: Islam, Russian Orthodoxy

Currency: Som (KGS)

Time zone: KGT (UTC+5 to +6)

Drives on the: right

Banks operating days: Monday - Friday

Electric power: 220V AC, 50A (Standard 2-pin plug socket)

Calling code: +996

Internet TLD: .kg

Flag of Kyrgyzstan
Emblem of Kyrgyzstan

In the ancient times, three ways of the Silk Road went through Kirghizia territories.

Various traditions, cultures and religions were brought by poets, writers, philosophers and pilgrims travelling with caravans.

Main religions were born in the region under the influence of the Road, such as Zoroastrism, Buddhism, Christianity. By choosing to travel with us, you will visit ancient cities, you will meet the nomads and experiment their way of living. You will be the witness of their exceptional hospitality and will be delighted by the beauty of the nature, lake Issyk Koul, considered as the «Kirghiz gem»!


Kyrgyz - Chinese Torugart and Irkeshtam - does not work on Saturdays and Sundays. It’s also closed for Chinese holidays.

Kyrgyz - Chinese Torugart and Irkeshtam - does not work on Saturdays and Sundays. It’s also closed for Chinese holidays.

Kyrgyz - Kazakh border Ak Jol is open all week. Today it is the only open border for foreigners, located not far from Bishkek.


Osh Bazaar in Bishkek sometimes closed on Monday. Usually once a month. Karakol cattle market is only open on Sundays. From early morning until 10:00 in the evening.

Museums in Bishkek

Historical Museum is closed on Mondays. Museum of art of Aitiev - is closed on Mondays.


From this year, Kyrgyzstan has made visa-free regime for 44 countries. Now the citizens of these countries can visit Kyrgyzstan without any preliminary documents. Just on the basis of their passports. The list of countries is below.

Visa-free travel in Kyrgyzstan

  1. Commonwealth of Australia
  2. The Republic of Austria
  3. The Kingdom of Belgium
  4. Bosnia and Herzegovina
  5. Vatican
  6. U.K.
  7. Hungary
  8. The Federal Republic of Germany
  9. The Kingdom of the Netherlands
  10. The Hellenic Republic
  11. The Kingdom of Denmark
  12. Iceland
  13. Ireland
  14. The Kingdom of Spain
  15. The Italian Republic
  16. Canada
  17. The Republic of Korea
  18. The State of Kuwait
  19. The Republic of Latvia
  20. The Republic of Lithuania
  21. The Principality of Liechtenstein
  22. The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
  23. The Republic of Malta
  24. The Principality of Monaco
  25. New Zealand
  26. The Kingdom of Norway
  27. The United Arab Emirates
  28. The Republic of Poland
  29. The Portuguese Republic
  30. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  31. The Republic of Singapore
  32. The Slovak Republic
  33. The Republic of Slovenia
  34. USA
  35. The Republic of Finland
  36. The French Republic
  37. The Republic of Croatia
  38. Czech Republic
  39. The Swiss Confederation
  40. The Kingdom of Sweden
  41. The Republic of Estonia
  42. The State of Qatar
  43. The State of Brunei Darussalam
  44. The Kingdom of Bahrain

Yurts in Kyrgyzstan

We have a few major places where we can place tourists on the night:

  1. Jeti Oguz - put yurts from June 10 to September 10
  2. Tash Rabat - is open from June 1 to October 1
  3. Son Kul Lake - is open from 15 June to 20 September

Showing horse games

Possible to organize in two places:

  1. Near the Burana Tower
  2. On the lake Son-Kul

Folklore show

Possible to be held in two locations:

  1. In Bishkek - professional musicians, the cost will be $ 150 per group
  2. In the Kochkor - local musicians, the cost will be $ 50 per group

Small rides

Sometimes tourists ask to include a small horse ride to the regular tour. This can be done in:

  1. Chon Kemin, on the road from Bishkek to Issyk Kul. $ 20 for 3:00
  2. Near lake Son Kul - $ 5-10 per hour
  3. Near Tash Rabat - $ 5-10 per hour

Visiting hunters with eagles

It’s possible only on the southern shore of Issyk Kul, in the village of Bokonbaevo. There's their home. If tourists want to see the show of hunting, the hunter can come to the Jeti Oguz show or hunting near the village Bokonbaeva.

Felt show

You may watch and participate in Kochkor.


It’s possible just on the northern shore of Lake Issyk Kul in Cholpon Ata.

Erect a tent by yourself

If tourists want to put yurt themselves, they can do it at the following locations:

  1. The best place is the Son Kul lake - there's a beautiful view, and there are nomads everywhere
  2. Also it’s possible to do at Tash Rabat
  3. You can put a tent in Kochkor, but it will be done not by nature, but in the yard


The best place is Kochkor. Here you will see the masters and also they can buy souvenirs. If Kochkor is not included in the program, you can buy souvenirs at the Osh Bazaar in Bishkek at a low price. Or at the Central Department Store, but at a higher price.


In Kyrgyzstan, the currency exchange is available in the entire city of Bishkek. Exchange rate is almost identical in the street and at the banks. In the villages exchange rate can be very low.


As in Kyrgyzstan a lot of roads are mountain, the big bus can be use only around the Lake Issyk Kul, with a stop in Kochkor. In other places are mostly used mini buses Mercedes Sprinter. For larger groups we use 2 mini buses.