Official name: Republic of Tadzhikistan

Area: 143,100 km2

Population: 8,610,000 (2015 estimate)

Capital: Dushanbe

Official language: Tajik

Government: Dominant-party semi-presidential republic

President: Emomalii Rahmon

Religion: Islam

Currency: Somoni (TJS)

Time zone: TJT (UTC+5)

Drives on the: right

Banks operating days: Monday - Friday

Electric power: 220V AC, 50A (Standard 2-pin plug socket)

Calling code: +992

Internet TLD: .tj

Fanskies mountains are part of mountain range extending the Pamir-Altaï which are less visited by Western travellers. Less than a day by car from Samarkand is needed to go there through the uzbek-tadzhik frontier. The vestiges of Pendjikent (V - VIIth century), one of the most ancient cities of Transoxiane, will be visited.

Pendjikent will be the point of departure.By following the road of the Zerafshan valley in 4x4, you could admire the magnificent nature as well as the welcoming villages around. A caravan of mules will accompany the hikers on their way to the Chimtarga peak (5,840 m) offering an amazing view on the Kouli-Kalon lake. Then, we will go in search of the legenday hospitality of the shepherds who will welcome you with the famous yogurt.