Health in Uzbekistan

According to the constitution, the citizens of Uzbekistan enjoy the right to free medical service rendered via the network of state medical establishments - polyclinics, first aid stations, and state hospitals. Healthcare is financed from the budget of the state and makes up 9.9 % of the total budget expenditures. However, due to the complications of the transitional period the real amount of the budgetary means allocated for healthcare has somewhat reduced, this is connected with the advancing growth of prices on medicine, medical equipment, etc. According to the data of 1998, 1175 hospitals are functioning in the Republic. The total amount of the beds is 187 thousand beds or 58.2 beds per 10 thousand people.

One physician is per 295 people. Over 3000 polyclinics operate in the country. For the development of the market of medical services and increasing their quality, the state promotes the development of paid medicine, supports the development of private clinics network. At present 59 private hospitals with a total number of 15 thousand beds are functioning on the basis of self-repayment. Approximately 3 thousand physicians have the license to hold their private practice. Beginning with 2001 the system of medical insurance of population will be stage- by -stage introduced. The system of rendering every type of specialized aid - cardiology, gastroenterology, endocrinology, neurology - have been set up in the republic... - have been set up in the republic.